No Little Choices


I attended Erin’s presentation in September 2015 and two things that made an impact on me were Erin’s never-give-up attitude to finding her birth mother and the realization of what a small world we live in. Erin’s determination and persistence led to her finding her birth mother, and finding her birth mother uncovered a whole host of other relationships that are truly amazing. It’s a story that made me feel good and scratch my head at the same time.”

– Paul

I left Erin’s presentation in the Fall of 2015 with so many questions racing through my mind! I was mesmerized by her story in and of itself on that day, but I know there’s so much more that I will not find out until I read the book. Her presentation also left me wondering if we really know the people in our lives. And do we really know ourselves, where we came from and how we got here?!

I am anxious to read the book and excited to hear more of Erin’s story at another of her presentations! She is a dynamic speaker telling a fascinating story.”

– Margie

Enjoyed your presentation, Erin. What a wonderful and heartwarming story. Can’t wait until the story comes out in book form!”

– Marna

Erin shares the beautiful story of her adoption and subsequent search for her birth mother with honesty, humor and sensitivity for all concerned. An amazing portrayal of the love that exists between and among families as a gift-without boundaries!”


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