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In this space, we will share our observations about and insights into the world around us, and maybe challenge your thinking in the process. You will read not one, but two perspectives on most issues as each of us will post separately. Friday Morning Coffee is Mike’s corner of the world, where structure and routine reign supreme, while Erin’s commentary will be found in Friday Night Wine, a collection of her thoughts at her best: entertaining, insightful, and always candid.

Normally, Erin will be responding to Mike’s posts—so you may want to read Mike’s blog first. Sometimes we agree, sometimes we don’t. But you can expect provocative honesty, sometimes brutal candor, perhaps a laugh or two, and most importantly, information you can use as you create the life you want. Welcome!

Friday Morning Coffee

Find out what those older guys are talking about as they huddle around the coffee shop table every Friday morning…click here.

Friday Night Wine

By Friday, Erin’s drive home is a contemplative time during which the profound question at hand is…Red or White? Click here to see Erin’s Red Merlot-fueled thoughts careening through the blogosphere!

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