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The Dimensions of Personal Power

The Dimensions of Personal Power are Knowledge, Belief, and Commitment. They are a foundation and framework for creating the life you love. Understanding how each Dimension and its corresponding elements interrelate and support our intentions for growth opens us to living powerfully and vibrantly.


Personal power begins with Knowledge. Seek first to know yourself, and then the world around you. It has been said that to understand others is wisdom, but to understand one’s self is enlightenment. To understand the world you must first understand your thinking, your values, and your purpose. Self-discovery is powerful. We cannot know too much about ourselves and must never stop pursuing Knowledge, for it is with this wisdom and enlightenment that we begin to take full control of our lives. Knowledge is the first essence of personal power.

The Elements

  • Discovery
    This is the most important element of Knowledge, for it is here that control over our lives begins. We have absolute control over our thinking, but to maximize the power of our minds we must continuously explore and excavate our inner selves, peeling away layers of unquestioned assumptions, beliefs, and values for examination and reexamination, to distinguish between what we know and what we think we know. Put simply, we must think about how we think and challenge ourselves to grow beyond self-imposed limitations. This takes time and is, perhaps, a life-long process, but the reward, growth, is immediate.
  • Discernment
    To understand the world in which we live we must accurately interpret the words and behavior of individuals. Discernment requires us to identify, with intellectual clarity, why a person says or does any certain thing, and frees us of the baggage of judgement. It does not require us to take responsibility for another’s behavior or entitle us to attempt to change it. We endeavor to understand so that we may productively and positively interact with our fellow man.
  • Control
    When we exercise control over our behavior and thinking, we liberate ourselves from self-imposed limitations and open ourselves to positive interactions with others. This control requires us to take personal responsibility for our actions. By endeavoring to match our words to our actions, honor our commitments, and make things right when we fail, we gain the respect, trust and confidence of others. Self-control creates opportunities for meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships with others. We recognize that the only person we can truly control is our self and any attempt to control others is futile.
  • Purpose
    You are unlike any other being anywhere in the universe. In your uniqueness resides a purpose which only you can fulfill in your unique way. Knowledge is the path to determining your purpose, and is a critical step in achieving the harmony necessary for living the life that you love.


Called by many names, Belief is the certitude that something exists even when not proved. It encompasses faith, expectation, and trust. It can express itself in, but is not exclusive to, religion. It bridges the gap between the physical and the spiritual, or supernatural, worlds. With Belief, our lives are enriched and empowered. It is here that we cement relationships with one another, and interpret Knowledge to create meaning in our lives.

The Elements

  • Optimism
    To focus on the positive diminishes the power of the negative. We embrace the confident expectation that there is a solution for every problem, therefore no problem exists which can keep us permanently from success. Because we recognize evil exists, we focus our energy on the forces of good and live in anticipation of victory in all things.
  • Relationships
    The strength of our emotional and psychological health is predicated upon our ability to create and maintain healthy relationships with others. It is this connectedness to others that provides us with personal perspective and social equilibrium, and contributes to our ability to experience life in its full depth and breadth.
  • Empathy
    Because we are secure in Belief, we permit ourselves to understand another’s perspective. This recognizes and respects differences between human beings, elevates our level of awareness about the world around us and enhances our ability to connect with our fellow man. Empathy promotes understanding, and can serve to either challenge or strengthen what we believe.
  • Gratitude
    By deliberate and conscious recognition of the many positives in our lives, we learn to appreciate all that we have, including and especially the seemingly insignificant. It is this spirit of gratitude which frees us from self-imposed misery, lends perspective, and allows us to find happiness. Being thankful permits us to experience life’s bounty regardless of material circumstance. We acknowledge that life is not fair, and we are grateful. It is with humility that we recognize we are blessed and that today is a gift to be savored. Though tomorrow is not guaranteed, through Belief we live in bold anticipation of its abundance.


Commitment is first a promise we make to ourselves, and then becomes the impetus for our contributions to others. When we commit to endeavors greater than our singular existence we connect with the world in a meaningful way. To commit is to selflessly engage with others for noble and worthy causes. It is through these relationships that we live our purpose; to live our purpose is to live vibrantly. It is the force which drives us to achieve, yet to master Commitment we must distinguish between sacrifice and self-immolation. Commitment is the result of Belief, and is Knowledge energized.

The Elements

  • Motivation
    To be motivated is to be energized. Commitment is energy consistently, judiciously, and passionately applied over a period of time. It is fueled by the Knowledge that you are doing what you were uniquely designed to do.
  • Contribution
    Whether for charity or for profit, when you enthusiastically share your resources for the benefit of others you improve the world. This is the physical manifestation of Commitment. To give charitably is benevolence; true benevolence is thoughtful and deliberate action driven by the need of others, not simply our need to feel good about ourselves.
  • Persistence
    To be fully committed, is to relentlessly engage with scarce thought to surrender. It is to experience equally and with energetic devotion, the joy of victory and the profit of defeat. It is this personal resiliency that permits you to prevail.
  • Legacy
    In life, to touch the lives of those who know you; in death, to touch the lives of those who never will. Your Legacy manifests the power and vibrancy of your life and is the ultimate and enduring expression of your gratitude for the opportunity to participate in the human condition.
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