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Yes Michael – What IS a Gift?

Jun 22, 2017 in Friday Night Wine

I agree with Mike. At least on his take with regards to gifts. Since reaching the age of maturity, I realize that, “gifts in brightly wrapped boxes with colorful happy bows”, are sometimes disappointing. I always strive to remember it is the thought that counts. I am always GRATEFUL for any gift that comes with a box and bow as it means that someone was thinking of me as they were looking and purchasing the gift, therefore, for me, that IS the gift. To be thought of…. However, the gift that is most precious to me is my family. Sounds…

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Someone From Somewhere

Apr 26, 2017 in Friday Night Wine

Mike, I had a tough time answering “Randy in KY”. In fact, I was quite surprised knowing you as I do that you did what you did giving “Randy in KY”, $20.00! I can say with complete confidence there is no way I hell I would have given “Randy in KY” any money. In fact, I would have promptly said, “I don’t carry cash”, stopped what I was doing, hopped in my car and left “Randy in KY” eating my dust. Now, I’m not a total and complete heartless biatch. I’ve done the “pay it forward” in restaurants and at…

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A Personal Touch…If Only

Mar 17, 2017 in Friday Night Wine

Mike, your blog on “A Personal Touch” was excellent. The part that hit home to me was your statement, “it often takes losing someone for us to stop and take stock of what that person did for us.” I’m going to tell you in hindsight, what losing someone did for me. First, I totally agree we need to acknowledge the impact people have on us now—and not wish we had done so when it is too late. My Martha mom, (adoptive mother) I lost way too soon—it was later in life I realized the impact she had on me and…

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Grandpa’s One of THEM!

Feb 17, 2017 in Friday Night Wine

Mike, your blog on the innocence of a child hit home and reminded me of another story involving a child – years ago. This story begins on Good Friday over 20 years ago. If you are not Catholic or were not raised Catholic, you do not have memories of Good Friday Services. This was a tradition every Good Friday that lasted– what seemed like –hours until promptly at 3:00 p.m. the time when history tells us Jesus died on the cross. My cousin Molly was at this particular service with her young son Joe. Joe was maybe 4 or 5…

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Gratitude – Erin’s Perspective

Oct 31, 2016 in Friday Night Wine

Mike and I must have the same thought on this subject. Of course, I sometimes have to be opposite, so I can honestly say I drive into work with the sun blinding me as I drive the opposite of Mike to work—I head East. Like Mike I complain quite loudly in my car as I curse the sun because of the following reasons: I can’t see if the traffic light is red, yellow or green This bright sun gives me a headache What if I wreck my car because I’m squinting and blinded by the light? I’ll be glad when…

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Erin’s Perspective

Jan 15, 2016 in Friday Night Wine

Not being quite as old as Mike (wink) I do not have that Friday morning coffee group to meet with because I am still employed and need to be to work somewhat close to 8:00 a.m. However, I still have groups that I meet with and I’m always amazed when the meeting is over how much I’ve learned. I do, however, have me, myself and I while driving home from work at 5:00 p.m. on Fridays. And, I contemplate the past week, commiserating first of all, how fast it went, then, I go over the various meetings, interactions and all…

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