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Friday Morning Coffee

Mike Asks -What is a Gift?

Jun 22, 2017 in Friday Morning Coffee

We all love gifts, right? When you read that word, what image does it conjure in your mind? Brightly wrapped boxes with colorful, happy bows? What feelings does your mental image of a gift evoke? I think, for all of us, there’s the anticipation and excitement—not knowing what’s inside—especially if you are the intended recipient. Gifts, in our culture, are meant to convey happy and pleasant thoughts. They are an expression of gratitude, or sometimes given out of a sense of obligation. There is yet another type of gift, one that is more important to our lives individually and collectively,…

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Randy From Kentucky

Apr 26, 2017 in Friday Morning Coffee

It was a sunny but cold February day, and I was somewhere in Kentucky just off Interstate 75, pumping unleaded into my car as my wife and I travelled to Florida. My thoughts were interrupted by a small compact car which pulled up to the opposite side of the pump I was using. I saw a young man exit the car, turn, and then tell the person with him to leave the car run and “keep an eye on them gauges.” Within a few seconds this rather large guy was standing next to the pump asking me for money. My…

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A Personal Touch

Mar 17, 2017 in Friday Morning Coffee

The “personal touch” is clichéd nowadays, implying excellence in service tailored to the individual. I think of it a little differently. This came into focus for me after the recent unexpected death of an old friend-one who goes back to the beginning of my professional career in 1978. I won’t use his name here, but many local readers will likely know who I am speaking of since he was a public figure in the same profession in which I spent 30 years. He and I were always on friendly terms, as he was with everyone who knew him, but over…

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Hey – anybody got a wrench?

Feb 17, 2017 in Friday Morning Coffee

A few years ago, my wife came home from work to tell me the following story about a co-worker’s 3 year old grandson: The boy was in church with his parents when he looked up and saw Jesus on the cross looking down. He asked his mother who that was, and she quietly told him that it was Jesus. He looked at her and said “somebody should get him down.” Before she could respond, he loudly addressed the congregants by asking “Hey – does anybody got a wrench?” I still chuckle whenever I think of that. Not only are the…

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Gratitude – Mike’s Perspective

Oct 31, 2016 in Friday Morning Coffee

I drove into my office recently, a beautiful September morning in Ohio. When I drive to my office, I drive west with the rising sun behind me. This time of year in Ohio, the angle of the sun causes some severe glare as it rises and sets. I drove to work with the full effect of the sun streaming into my rear view and driver’s side mirrors. I found myself constantly shifting to avoid the blinding light reflected back in my eyes at times. As I drove home last evening, with the sun setting in the west, the exercise was…

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I prayed a lot for that boy

Feb 01, 2016 in Friday Morning Coffee

“I prayed a lot for that boy, but I prayed ‘not too much too soon, Lord.’” I was in Chicago, meeting with a supplier and one of his managers. The subject of family came up, and I was fascinated to learn that the manager’s son had broken into the music business as a songwriter and performer. In fact, some well-known artists and high-level producers had shown a lot of interest in this young man, and he and his music are steadily building a loyal fan base. While I always find it interesting to hear first-hand accounts of how successful people…